Sunday, July 23, 2006

Together We Stand, Divided We Fall

I received this mail and i wanted to post it to let all of you discover what the israeli army is doing and what we think about these Cowards soldiers called "Tsahal" :

Israel proved it again; the forces of Armageddon took over the forces of God. They came, flew over our heads, targeted our bridges, violated our privacy and killed; they killed those who never killed a cat, they killed our children.

In 1996, Israel bombarded UN base in Qana and killed tens of innocent people that looked for shelter. Back then, it was considered as a strategic mistake and Israel stopped its attack. Now, ten years later, Israel is proving to the whole world that, what was a strategic mistake ten years ago, is now a phase in a pseudo-unstoppable attack. Qana is back.

The "brave" Israeli soldiers killed 37 children. We say "brave" because killing a child is hard; when u think of those innocent helpless faces wishing only to eat play and sleep, killing inoffensive children becomes a hard target. To kill a child you should be heartless, and being heartless is an excellent quality of a brave soldier.

Brave soldiers are those who act with no regret, killing is an act of no coming back, thus an act of no regret. They killed the children of Lebanon, the "Lebanon", the small but huge country, the country of trade and goods, the country of tourism and leisure, the gate to the middle east, the cradle of civilization. Killing children in our society is not an act of bravery, killing women is no act of manhood, killing elders is out of our ethics. We say to Israel, you will never kill us, you cannot frighten us, you will never conquer us, you will always be looked down-on as cowards.

Leave your planes and weapons, and like in the old times, fight like men. Body to body, spear to spear, shield to shield; then, only then you will realize how weak you are. But you will never take that risk, you will never jeopardize your souls, you are a bunch of cowards. A clay footed giant... Every child you killed is a curse upon your heads; every curse is an enemy you made. Like for the battle between heaven and hell we say that men are the ones who created evil on earth it is the choices they make that enslaved their souls forever, life is the test and you failed.

As for us, people of Lebanon, we are asked to stay united, to free our souls from hatred, to forgive our mutual mistakes, to forget our minor differences and always remember that we are Lebanese… and only Lebanese. Together we stand, divided we fall.


At 14/8/06 01:46, Blogger 10452 said...

Let me guess, the guy who sent you this is either a victim of the Orange cult, or a Khezbollah?

They are the only two who want to go back to the status quo.

At 15/9/06 11:58, Blogger Rhiannon said...


“80 Palestinians have been killed so far!
12 Today have died!

Lets see what Israel does now that a foreign observer force to monitor the truce is called for.

Lets see if they really want PEACE.

The Palestinian June 25 raid was its response to continued IDF daily attacks against Gaza throughout June that killed about 30 people, injured many more and caused much destruction of property. Following the incident, the IDF launched "Operation Summer Rain" that included closing all border crossings, sealing off the territory to restrict movement in and out including humanitarian supplies such as food and medicine, and surrounding the territory awaiting orders to launch a major assault which it's now begun.

The IDF has also stepped up its artillery shelling that has gone on continually for months. It's been firing 200 - 300 or more shells per day into northern Gaza, many close to civilian homes. It's also launched round the clock air attacks with F16 fighter jets and helicopter gunships firing air-to-surface missiles and dropping one-ton bombs on civilian facilities; it's conducting mock air raids; and it's aircraft are breaking the sound barrier over Gaza at low altitudes deliberately inflicting eardrum shattering and terrifying sonic booms against the helpless people.

...Let's see what Hamas did not do....

Number one, they did not liquidate the corporal, which Israel routinely does, namely its political assassinations. That's a war crime under international law. Israel routinely does that. ...

Number two, they didn't kill the corporal while trying to arrest him. Israel routinely does that

There are many Palestinians who are angry and want revenge. But there are also Palestinians, including people I met in Jerusalem and Gaza, who condemn the killing of Israeli civilians. There are many Israelis who are afraid for their lives and see a military response as the only solution, but there are also those who think differently.




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