Wednesday, August 09, 2006


This boy and his mother were running away in a van from the Israeli bombing of their village in south Lebanon. He did not have rockets to launch! His mother did not have any artillary from her end.

I will leave you to the photos for they speak for themselves


At 11/8/06 00:51, Blogger doha said...

Le plus difficile pour un etre, est de temoigner le meurtre d'un membre de sa famille..surtout si c'etait sa plus tendre de tout..
La main sur son visage m'a brisee..

At 14/8/06 04:09, Blogger MAZe said...

ash3artili badani

so sad... Will this kid forget this?

that's really heartbreaking

At 28/8/06 19:00, Blogger ropsucks said...

Hezbollah chose to hide behind this poor family and use them as human shields. They also quite unashamedly displayed the innocents killed posing them for display. Often times dragging dead children multiple times for propaganda pictures. Hezbollah prevented families from fleeing the areas that they were sending rockets into Israel so that their bodies if they were killed could be used for their purposes.
The photo of the tragic son and mother are terrible. The question is whether all this would have been preventable had not Nasrallah not followed the dictates of his Iranian masters. The Lebanese people are the slaves to the dictates of the Mullahs.

At 13/9/06 19:50, Blogger KAREN said...

(YAWN) The ongoing pathetic Zionist propaganda continues:

Hezbollah used people for shields.

Oh please, do get a grip. How can Hezbollah use people as shields when they were too busy firing their rockets from the fields not far from the border, as well as other embankments hidden from Israeli cowards.

No, Israel was to scaredy cat to get out of their tanks and walk through the fields to root out Hezbollah.

So the cowardly monsters that they are went and bombed thousands of people and their children from planes and tanks.

Well that made their "soldiering" much easier, didn't it?

Hooray for the IDIOTS of Israel.

At 15/9/06 15:02, Blogger John Smith said...



At 25/10/06 20:26, Blogger Mone said...

These pictures must some of the saddest pictures I've ever seen


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